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About ‘Washington’s Food Fight’

TVWLogo“Washington’s Food Fight: The Debate Over GMO Labels” is a one-hour documentary produced by TVW. We’re a non-profit public affairs television station in Washington state, modeled after C-SPAN.

In 2013, Washington voters were asked to take a side in the battle over GMO food that’s being fought across the country.

Millions of dollars have already poured into the state in the fight over Initiative 522 — a ballot initiative that would require genetically modified food to be labeled in Washington grocery stores.

There’s a long list of pros and cons. That’s why we produced this unbiased documentary to give you the facts on this complex issue.

“Washington’s Food Fight” premiered on Oct. 1, 2013 on TVW. The documentary is also available online at this link. Please feel free to share it on Facebook and Twitter!

We opted not to have a sponsor of this project to keep it free from outside influences. Instead, we asked viewers for small contributions on our Kickstarter page. Although we didn’t meet our goal, we deeply appreciate everyone who contributed. Thank you!

Update: Washington voters rejected Initiative 522 in the November 2013 election with a vote of 51-49 percent.